1. Who is LBG’s ideal client?

The strategies that we teach and help implement are not for the financial jellyfish. They are for people seeking to:

  • Accumulate, withdraw, and transfer savings income tax-free.
  • Not lose any portion of their savings when the stock market declines.
  • Avoid paying tax on up to 85% of Social Security Benefits.
  • Withdraw IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or TSA money with little or no tax consequences
  • Not loose their home’s equity when real estate values decline.
  • Have their mortgage(s) paid for the fastest, smartest way without additional spending.

Legacy Builder Group does not provide legal or tax advice. Our strategies and statements are based on a general understanding of current federal income tax laws. Tax laws and interpretation of such laws by the IRS may change, and applicable state laws should also be considered.

2. Why haven’t I heard about these strategies? Are they legitimate?

Everything we teach is based on fact, existing law and the practical application of thousands of wealthy people. We believe that there are certain financial opportunities that have always been in front of us, but whose true potential we could not see. There is an abundance of information, but the lack of time and attention on the part of most people today.

3. What process do clients go through?

We have a unique process. First we enlighten in a variety of forms. Following that is a consultation to assess each client’s current status and future objectives. A comprehensive recommended plan with year-by-year numbers is then generated and presented by our strategic design team. All questions are addressed and the plan is refined and implemented. We hold yearly accountability meetings to review account statements and make necessary adjustments based on specific circumstances.

4. Do I have to attend the public seminar before I can get help?

We enlighten and educate our clients in a variety of forms; reading, listening, watching, live seminars and or webinars. Based on the specific circumstances of each client we determine the most feasible approach. Ideally, we recommend reading, then attending the public seminar.

5. I live from paycheck to paycheck. How can you help me?

One of the unique things about our approach is that, it is asset/spending based and not income based. We will show you how to increase your net-spendable retirement income without spending an extra dime than you presently are. In other words, we’ll show you a better way of getting the most out of your assets. It does not matter what your income is, what your net worth is, or what your tax bracket is.

6. Can you help me regardless of my state of residence?

Our firm as well as some of our financial professionals are licensed in multiple states. Besides we have a nationwide network of financial professionals who teach our strategies, follow our process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

7. Are qualified plans like IRAs and 401(k)s the best way to save for retirement?

There is a myth that when people retire they will be in a lower tax bracket. The reality, however, is that most retirees find themselves in at least as high if not higher tax brackets, because of fewer deductions and exemptions. Taxes that are deferred on qualified plans during the contribution and accumulation phases become due upon withdrawal and or transfer at death. There are non-qualified alternatives that can provide tax-favored access and transfer to heirs, therefore resulting in a greater net-spendable income.

8. Is there a way to convert qualified plans to non-qualified?

People eventually realize that they are getting trapped in qualified plans and continuing to postpone the inevitable taxes due may dramatically increase their ultimate tax bill. With what we call a “strategic roll-out” we suggest a plan to strategically convert qualified funds to “non-qualified” funds at the most opportune time taxwise.

9. Can I protect my investment when the stock market declines?

We advise our clients and help them to use more stable, less volatile investment strategies that provide a guaranteed floor and the ability to participate indirectly in stock market increases up to a pre-determined cap. This means that, an account will at least be credited the guaranteed floor rate even if the stock market return (index) is lower.

10. Is making extra principal payments the fastest way to pay-off a mortgage?

In our opinion the fastest, smartest way to pay-off a mortgage is not by making extra principal payments, using bi-weekly payments or utilizing a 15-year amortization versus a 30-year amortization. These approaches do not provide liquidity or a rate of return. They are also not safe. When times get tough those who lack liquidity have no choice but to liquidate their home, usually at a low price and do their best to survive. If you were in a neighborhood that was devastated by a tornado, hurricane, fire, or an earthquake and your home were destroyed, wouldn’t you prefer to have your equity in a safe, liquid environment? We teach strategies that provide liquidity, safety and rate of return that can help you to achieve a free and clear mortgage in the fastest, smartest and tax efficient manner.

11. What are the features of a good investment?

In our opinion, a prudent investment should possess four characteristics:

     • Liquid: Ability to get money back whenever
you desire.
• Safe: Guaranteed or insured.
• Return: Ability to generate a decent return.
• Tax-Advantaged.
Liquidity, safety, and a rate of return MUST be present. Tax-advantaged should be viewed in the same light as icing on a cake!

12. How come I don’t see Legacy Builder Group’s name on any financial product?

Legacy Builder Group is not a product provider. We focus on educating people so they can choose the most suitable product(s) to meet their financial needs. Like doctors, we diagnose, prescribe, and also help you find the best provider of the appropriate medicine.