About Us

What is a Wealth Strategist?

A Wealth Strategist …

• Understands and uncovers the key wealth issues faced by the client
• Understands their client’s situation, future, feelings, and family dynamics
• Reconciles any gaps within the clients’ wealth strategy
• Places issues in the context of a wealth management strategy
• Forms reasonable and logical opinion for addressing each set of issues
• Introduces appropriate resources, such as: Attorney’s, CPA’s etc.
• Is an emotional counselor that utilizes a disciplined process to stay the track to achieve the clients’ goals

Meet your Wealth Strategy Team

Mark Mollon and Marcella Mollon-Williams are the Co-Founder of Legacy Builder Group, LLC – a family owned, independent financial services firm specializing in wealth preservation, asset protection, retirement planning, tax diversification strategies and legacy planning. Both Mark and Marcella are licensed insurance professionals and financial educators. Their unique areas of expertise give them an in-depth understanding of the mistakes individuals make in their financial planning. This brother/sister duo spend much of their time speaking on the importance of legacy building and financial literacy and equipping individuals and families with  knowledge needed to create a legacy of financial independence and generational wealth.

Charles Pettit has spent 18 years providing sound financial guidance to people with a wide range of financial needs. Charles is recognized nationally as a retirement income planning specialist. His focus is on helping families protect their principal and insure their their money last a lifetime. As an industry leader, Charles speaks to groups national on a regular basis. He has personally assisted over 1,000 clients in preparation for retirement and trained over 5,000 financial professional for careers n the financial industry. Charles is a US Army Veteran of the Persian Gulf War as well as Somalia. He resides in Frederick, MD with his wife Sophal and two daughters.