About Us

Legacy Builder Group is a family owned, independent financial services firm specializing in wealth preservation, asset protection, retirement planning, tax diversification strategies and legacy planning. Our licensed insurance professionals and financial educators provide unique areas of expertise that give them an in-depth understanding of the mistakes individuals make in their financial planning.


What we do:

• Understand and uncover the key wealth issues faced by our clients
• Understand individual client situations, future, feelings, and family dynamics
• Reconciles any gaps within the clients’ financial strategy
• Place issues in the context of a wealth management strategy
• Form reasonable and logical opinions for addressing each set of issues
• Introduce appropriate resources, such as: Attorney’s, CPA’s etc.
• An emotional counselor that utilizes a disciplined process to stay the track to achieve our clients’ goals

Meet the Team:

Grey Suite_SquareMark Mollon





Marcella-grey Marcella Mollon-Williams









Fee-based financial planning and investment advisory services are offered by LifeTyme Financial Advisors, LLC” a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Arizona, California, Maryland, Washington DC, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Connecticut, Virginia & Pennsylvania. Insurance products and services are offered through LifeTyme Financial Group, LLC. LifeTyme Financial Advisors and LifeTyme Financial Group, LLC are affiliated companies.